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Becki Uhrin Tibaldi

Profile Updated: March 23, 2010
Becki Uhrin
Residing In:
Glenwood, MD USA
Scott Tibaldi
Social Worker, but taking a break presently
One Son 'AJ'. Born January 2000
Yes! Attending Reunion

Wow! Finished college, worked as a store manager while I became licensed as a social worker. Worked in long term care - nursing homes and hospitals to provide comfort to residents and their families. Did a lot of 'death and dying' preparation and grief work. As one can imagine, I got a little burnt out after 15 years.
Met the man of my dreams (Scott) in college, married him after I graduated. He is chief software architect for a search engine named hakia (try it -it's awesome and free!) We have one son, named AJ after family members. He is into karate and cub scouts. I stopped working full time in 2006 but have been volunteering my time in various ways. Running Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquets for 3 years, being on the Pack Committee, now running my son's Cub Scout Pack Committee- overseeing many different departments within this individual pack; budgeting, recruitment, fundraising, activities, camp-outs, etc. Working with the kids has been a nice change from elderly families and their children.
Learned in college that I actually have an aptitude for artistic endeavors. Never thought art was an important in the 'real world'. I'm now enjoying all types of artistic endeavors such as sewing (I really hated that 7th grade project of a t-shirt and vowed I wouldn't sew more than a button on), painting, beading, learning to play guitar, art appreciation, wine tastings, and reading all types of books. I still love to read.
Our son has learning and attention issues and though very bright, requires supports in this area currently. As a result, we felt it best if I would be able to have the 3 hours per day I was spending in commute at home assisting him. It has worked out well for us as my husband works from home. We are able to capture all of those hours we used to spend in bumper to bumper traffic. Really is a dream come true.
We have 3 rescue cats in our household. Tiger who is really fat (when he looks at me I hear Dom Delouise's voice saying we should go make a snack). Sophie, who is scared of people but is an awesome hunter, and One-eyed Jack. (I imagine he sounds like Chris Rock -go make me a sandwich). Finally, we have Harvey, an 11 month old puppy who joined our family about 2 months ago from the pound. He looks like a Jack Russel (think Eddie from Frazier) is very hyper, but is more the size of a beagle. He has border collie in him since he has 'rounded up" farm animals who were just out eating grass one sunny Sunday morning. The goats moved along to the barn easily, but the horse and donkeys were pissed. They tried to kick him but he ran too fast after the nipping and barking. Finally we caught him, but he was very happy in the mud and with the animals. Twice daily we excersize him by serving tennis balls into our backyard that has an in-ground fence- he retrieves them and really seems to enjoy it- so maybe a little retriever in him too? He points like duck hunting dogs do and follows a trail of whatever critter has wandered through our back yard the night before. We've seen deer, foxes, skunks and vultures so who knows what all is back there. I live in Maryland now and don't make it back to Pennsylvania often. It is nice here. We only have 3 months of really cold weather and the rest of the time it is warm. Summers are warmer here since there is more humidity in this area than is in Punxsy. I love the option of vacationing at the ocean (only 4 hours away) or in the mountains. The area we live in has many culturally diverse people. There are many universities located with easy access. All of the museums in Washington DC are free and open daily. We are also close to Baltimore and Annapolis so there are many opportunities to enjoy lots of different events. Did I mention we only have 3 months of really cold weather :) I've always hated the cold since I was a child, but we do still get snow and see the seasons change, but the snow doesn't seem to last forever. Even heavy snowfalls are usually gone within a week. Anyway, you are up to date. As I recognize many of your names but don't remember much interaction with those from high school outside of chatting with Terry or Belinda, please tell me if you remember a happy or funny tale from that time. If it its something embarassing, please e-mail it to me. Wonder if Alzheimer's is contagious, seem to have a difficult remembering so many of the people...

School Story:

Terry Clontz and I went out to a movie in Indiana. Terry was and still is one of my dearest friends. We both thought we saw Ginger Momyer (the high school music teacher and choir director) at the movie sitting in front of us. As usual we were seeing the stupidest movie we could. Can't remember if it was Earnest goes to Camp or Howard the Duck but you get the drift. We were laughing our butts off because she would see such a stupid movie. I was having a little bit of difficulty seeing the screen and Terry said " Becki you still have your sunglassses on". We laughed so hard I almost piddled myself.
In high school, for a year or so, Terry and I would meet in the library most every morning before school to comiserate. We were miserable back then. High school was a difficult period in our lives for both of us. I worked at Ruth and Harrrys my junior and senior year to save money for college. (Was so sad to see that area is now a McDonalds. Ruth's bakery made the best pecan rolls!)
I always admired Belinda's courage and maturity. She seemed to be able to handle anything calmly.

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